YouTube made me do it

YouTube_logo_2015_svg_1Have you ever watched a how to video on Youtube or even on TV. And you think wow I can do that, or that looks interesting I should try that.

The problem is YouTube how to videos give me a false sense of power. Those wonderful YouTubers have been doing what they share for years. Me…not so much.

So I watch those how to videos and then run out and buy everything I will need (not a small amount of money either) and set to work on a project or item and I always end upĀ  feeling like this is a lot harder then it looked on Youtube.

Examples of projects I have started that Youtube made me try:

Brioche Knitting — Now this just might be me and the need to have instant gratification but Brioche Knitting is a lot harder then it looks. Not impossible but its not something you can just sit down and then POW you can knit brioche.

Knitting socks on 9inch circulars — Seriously how do people knit on such little needles. It’s like knitting in miniature. So not for me (But now I have a couple of 9in circulars that taunt me for my inability to master those tiny little needles.)

Spinning — I might not be able to pick this up because my spinning wheel isn’t the best. But seriously the learning curve for spinning is a lot steeper then they make it look on Youtube.

Beading — The online videos for beading are intoxicating and I can’t keep myself from watching them. Nor can I build whatever it is they build. I am limited to stitch markers. But at least with beading I think I can master this and its so fun. But damn those Youtuber’s who make it look so easy. Because it’s not as easy as it looks, and it’s an expensive hobby to have.

Now these examples are just a couple of the things I have been pulled into lately. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money Youtube has cost me. I watch videos about knitting from podcasts and then go out and buy the yarn they are talking about plus the pattern and its like this never ending cycle.

I might have a problem… I need a 12 step program to keep me away from Youtube.



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