WIP Wednesday


I feel like I’ve been knitting like mad the last week or so, I’ve finished a couple of projects and it feels so good.

You may have noticed that I did not do a What’s On My Needles this week because I am changing things up a bit by doing WIP Wednesday. Trying to stream line some blogging.

Anyway it was a busy week of knitting so here is my WIP’s

Works In Progress

Chevron Baby Blanket

This is turning out so nice and I kinda want to make a sweater out of this lovely yarn. It’s so soft and knits up nice. If you saw my first post regarding this you would know that I had some issue’s with my increases not matching up and I did frog this out last week and started over so the lines of the blanket all lined up correctly. Now it looks and feels amazing.

Yarn: Big Twist Yarn: colorway: Yellow, Gray, and Teal (the pattern calls for four different colors but I am only doing 3)

Needles: US size 7

Hitcher Shawl

This is my new lunch knitting project. Easy to follow instructions. I’ll be honest I’m not thrilled about how this is turning out. I thought I loved the yarn when I bought it and caked it but it is turning out a little two wild for me. I thought once it was knitted up it would be a little more earthy (colors not so odd), but it is just turning out different then I thought it would. So I’ll knit it up and then give it away.

Yarn: Unfortunately I bought this yarn and then caked it and in the process I have lost the tag of where I bought it and the color way. I feel horrible because I want to give the dyer some credit but… no information. I know I bought it at the Great Basin Fiber Arts fair last year. But that’s all I remember about the yarn.

Needles: US size3, (my gauge is loose so if I did this again I might drop a needle size for the stitches are a little tighter.)


I am working on a new pair of socks and am in LOVE with the colors. I got a self stripping yarn from Fibrelya, and it is wonderful to knit with and one of the best things is she caked them in two different balls so they would knit up exactly the same… woohoo. I am knitting these socks toe up.

Yarn: Fibrelya colorway: it doesn’t have name but here is what the description is: Hand Dyed Self Striping Sock Yarn – Sock Star -80superwash merino , 20Nylon – 110g. – Fingering- Blue, Green, Grey- Kelp

Needles: I’m using my favorite sock knitting needles Addi Sock Rockets US size 1

This is currently living in my brand new Wonder Woman sock bag.

Cooldown Sweater

This is a fun knit, it has a back cut out at the base just after the ribbing and I’m not sure about that, I might fill that in when the sweater is all done but the jury is out on the cutout for right now. Otherwise I am enjoying this knit, I’m using a worsted weight yarn instead of a sport weight so it will be thicker but that is what I am looking for, for a sweater for this fall.

I think this is a great first sweater pattern as it doesn’t have a lot of weird instructions, I have modified it just a little. I didn’t do the tubular cast on and I’m making it longer then the instructions ask for. But those are minor changes.

Yarn: Loops and Threads: Impeccable Impecable colorway: dust pink

Needles: the ribbing was in a US size 9 and the rest of the sweater is done in a US size 7

Finished Objects

Socks — I finished knitting up my beautiful Zauberball Crazy socks. And I love the colors, and how they turned out. I will definitely knit with Zauberball again.

Bullets In Our Fire — I wasn’t sure about this knit because the instructions are so intense, the repeat on it was, to me, weird. But the completed project is wonderful. I would recommend this pattern .


Okay I have to admit, after working on my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel that I got used I have to throw in the towel, it just isn’t spinning and the treadle is all off. So I am moving on and looking at buying another spinning wheel.

Craft Projects

I was able to complete about 20 different stitch markers and I love this beading thing.

I cut out some fabric to start making needle cozy’s. I’m not sure about these so stay tuned to see how this project falls apart/together.


Well that’s the WIP’s I have and a few other things. Let me know what you are working on. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @losachristie21 to see everything that is going on in real time. And don’t forget to hit like and make sure to follow me.


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