Dear Monday…

mondayDear Monday, I am not quiet for you, I didn’t sleep well last night and wish I could have gotten a couple more hours of sleep. But the sun rose on this beautiful Monday and I am forced to deal with you whether I like you or not.

I just want to sit in my lazy boy and knit but I’m forced to work a day job, making Mondays dreadful.

I knitted a lot this weekend, but Monday has put a stop to that. Thanks a lot. Now I have to face reality and I blame Monday completely.

Being a knitter and crafter having to go to a day job is like cutting me off at the knee’s and that is what Monday is all about. A quick shot to the knees of my creativity. Thanks a lot Monday.

Wells… now that the complaining has been completed I can attack Monday with force. Or go back to bed… It’s a tuff choice.

Let me know when Friday comes back.



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