Friday Wrap-Up


Wow what an amazing week! Was it just me or did anyone else feel like this week might never end? It wasn’t a bad week just a lot packed into it.

I finished one sock in a pair I am knitting from my very first Zauberball, it’s not as soft asreadyforthetoe I would like but I just love thealldonesock colors.






I knitted away on my Bullets On Our Fire cowl, this is my lunch time knitting project so it’s going slower then normal.

I went to one of my local yarn shops, The Wool Cabin, and did some retail therapy. Picking up some beautiful Malabrigo, some of my very favorite Plymouth Yarn in a speckled colorway (think I might knit some sleep socks out of it). And picked up another Zauberball that reminds me of watermelon and I’ve wanted to do some watermelon colored socks for a couple of weeks now.

Also worked about an hour each night on my Chevron baby blanket, and have come to the realization that project is going to take me some time. I mistakenly thought because it was a baby blanket (and not a full size blanket). That I would be able to wip that sucker up lickity split. Yeah… that’s not happening but I have three more months before the baby for my friend is due so I have some time to finish that sucker.

I think I might have a problem…

stitchmarkersThursday I watched a couple YouTube videos about making your own stitch markers… and well to make a long story short I now think I have a new obsession. One I don ‘t know if I can really afford or not. But I love, love, love making those stitch markers. I can’t wait to see what other stitch markers I end up with. I might have to start selling these because it’s basically all I really want to do. I spent several hours this morning watching videos on how to make jewelry and stitch markers. **BTW: you can learn to do just about anything on Youtube, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I know I can’t afford many more, or any new hobbies. But the ideas and the stuff you learn on Youtube is just great.

The Weekend…

I have some book stuff to do on Saturday then I plan to spend the rest of the weekend, knitting or obsessing over making new stitch markers.

What do you have planned this weekend? I hope it is fun and interesting, or if its just knitting or doing other crafts that is great too.

Have a blessed weekend.


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