Strange addictions…


I have a strange addiction to watching knitting podcasts on YouTube. Nothing in particular but if its about knitting and its on YouTube I’m watching it.

The problem with doing this is I realize all the projects I want to be making. This adds to my addiction to buy and prepare myself for projects I may or may not ever complete.

As I write this I’m watching back broadcasts of The Knit Girllls, who are my go to when I need inspiration or just something to watch or if I unwittingly want to add more projects to my growing list of projects I may or may not ever finish.

Other video podcasts I love: The Grocery Girls, they are so funny and interesting to watch.

The Knitmore Girls, I could go on and name so many more. And if you’ve been knitting for any length of time you have probable heard of these great podcasts, plus many many more.

My point here is this: 1) I love knitting podcasts, I could watch them all day long and I wish my favorites would record every day. 2) I get way to excited about these knitting podcasts and they make me add, and add more and more things to my project list. 3) I can’t afford all the projects these podcasts inspire me to knit, or afford the yarn I want because of the yarns they go through.

Love’em or hate’em they are a blast to watch. Keep up the good work ladies and never, never stop.






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