My favorite yarns.

What is your go too yarn? Are there any yarns you won’t knit with? As I grow in my knitting I’m trying to branch out and use different fibers, and different yarns.
When I started knitting I loved to knit with expensive luxurious yarns. But now that I knit a lot more I’m branching out into different types of yarn.

But here are my top five yarns:

  1. My favorite go to yarn for any kind of project is Plymouth Yarn. I love Plymouth because they have a large variety of yarn for any projects I need to work on.
  2. Lion Brand yarn, the majority of Lion Brand yarns have acrylic in them and I don’t particularly like to knit with acrylic yarn. I love how washable this yarn is, and being able to give away projects and not worry that it won’t wash up well.
  3. My number one expensive yarn is Manos Del Uruguay, this is a luxurious yarn. It’s more expensive but so worth it. Also this company helps out women in Uruguay, so any help you can give to developing women is a positive.
  4. Madelintosh Yarn, I just flat out love this yarn. The colors they offer and the different weights are wonderful. If I could afford to buy all there yarns I would horde them like a crazy person.
  5. Malabrigo Yarn — I feel the same about this yarn company. Loving the colors and weights. A yarn hoarders dream.

Those are my top 5 yarns I like to work with. What yarns do you think are the best? I am always open to trying a new yarn.


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