What’s On My Needles: 06/05/2017

A lot of knitting happened this weekend, along with a nice walk/run. I got in some fabulous yarn for my husband to knit him a cowl, and its so soft a squishy. Some attempted spinning happened. Seriously the learning curve for spinning is wild.

So without further ado here is what I have on my needles for this week.

What’s on My Needles…

Still working on a pair of socks for May, I’m loving the tweed colors and instead of doing a Fish Lips Kiss Heel, I did some short row, wrap and turns on the second sock and I’m kinda in love with this heel. sockdone

Yarn: Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes Tweed

Needles: I’m knitting these on US 0

So one sock down, one more to go.

Bandana Cowl

I am in love with this cowl pattern, it knits up so fast. If you are looking for a great cowl pattern then the Bandana Cowl is for you.

Yarn: Lion Brand, Wool-Ease thick and quick in the camouflage colorway.

Needles: US10

I have to admit that there is one flaw with this pattern and its knitted on US size 10 needles, and that can be fatiguing. But other than that I love it. bandanacowl

Fingering Brioche Bandana Cowl

2017_06_02_11_09_51_Ravelry_Fingering_Brioche_Bandana_Cowl_pattern_by_Lavanya_Patricella_InternetThis is my first attempt at brioche, and I enjoy the repetitive action of the stiches, but like anything knew I there is a learning curve that I need to conquer in order to  make this work. So this will be a cowl that will probably take me a while to complete. However, that being said the colors I am using for it pretty much match the picture.

Yarn: ?? (I’ll make sure to update the blog when I have the exact name sorry)

Needles: The pattern says to use US 3, but I am using US 8 because this is my first attempt at brioche, and I wanted to be able to see my stitches really clearly.

The jury is still out on this project. Check back later for further updates and to see if I’m able to complete it.

Bullets in Our Fire

I have been working on this project for a couple of weeks, and I am about a third of theIMG_8379 way through. If you have knitted this before you will understand when I say I am on the increase’s. I can’t wait to see this finished project it is turning out so nice.

Yarn: Plymouth Select, worsted merino Superwash in the Blue Oreo colorway. Okay so this is a lovely yarn and I have knitted several things out of the worsted weight version of this yarn. But don’t try and go out and buy this yarn, I have only every found it one place and that is one of my local yarn shops and I tend to buy a lot of it because I am worried they will stop carrying it.

So on a side note, what is with this name? Bullets in Our Fire?? I don’t understand this name. But love the pattern.

Needles: US size 7

I am hoping to have this finished by the end of the week.

Hitchhiker Shawl: This is a project that I plan to be working on for a while, it knits upIMG_8380 super easy but it’s something to knit when I need something mindless. So keep your eyes open for me to complete this.

Yarn: sorry I tried to find the colorway for this indie yarn but no luck.

Needles: US size 6

What’s on My Spinning Wheel

ashfordspinningwheelSo this is a new section, because I finally got a spinning wheel and its up and running. However I have nothing to add right now except to say I am learning how to spin and it’s a lot harder than it looks. But so excited to figure it out.

Finished Projects…

Sad but true I have no finished projects for this last week. Started to many and didn’t finish anything. But this coming week should be so much more productive.

What’s Happening this Week…

I think I should be able to finish my Bandana Cowl I am knitting for my husband tonight, I should also be able to finish my socks this week. If I am really lucky I will be able to finish my Bullets in Our Fire cowl as well. I know it sounds like a lot but I’m so close to getting all these projects completed. I’ll post on my Instagram when I finish which so check that out.

Follow me on Instagram: @losachristie21

Also I’m working on my fifth book so I’m hoping to get closer to the finish line for that. Check out my author website for further details.

I am in training for a 5k this weekend so I’ll be doing a lot of running/walking this week. Looking forward to getting a better time on my mile (currently I run a 18 min. mile :()

So what are you working on this week? I would love to hear what everyone is working on.

Much love and God bless you.


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