TGIF – June 2nd

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the weekend. There is something about a short week that makes it more difficult to get through the rest of the week. But don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t give up a holiday just so the short week wasn’t so awful. 😉

It was a great week with a lot going on, I bought my first (used) Ashford Travellerashfordspinningwheel Spinning Wheel, and it needs some work to get working but I am tickled to be able to start spinning.

Some of the things I have learned from buying a used spinning wheel. When buying a spinning wheel price is NOT everything. You have to make sure that all the components of the spinning wheel are fundamentally intact. For older spinning wheels, if they have sat unused you may have to tighten connections and glue some parts together that have come loose. For my spinning wheel I had to glue all my bobbins back together as they were all loose. The pedal and arm need to be intact as well. Mine needs a new connection, and although its possible to correct I wish I had figured this out before buying it. Would it have stopped me from purchasing it? No, it was a great deal and these small things are totally fixable.

I got a lot of knitting done this week, which is weird to say because I haven’t actuallysockdone completed any of the projects I have been working on. But the weather here in Salt Lake was absolutely beautiful and for lunch I was able to just sit outside in the beautiful weather and knit for lunch.


I was lucky enough to get to go to the Wonder Woman premier here is Salt Lake last night. And as a super fan I absolutely LOVED the movie. I’ve heard people who both loved it and didn’t like it. But as I mentioned I am a super fan and loved every minute of the movie. I would pay to go back and see it again and again.

So what do you have planned this weekend?? I am training for a 5k, so I’ll be running, and knitting and working on my spinning wheel to get it up and running. I might be casting on a new brioche shawl (Fingering Brioche Bandana Cowl). I have always wanted2017_06_02_11_09_51_Ravelry_Fingering_Brioche_Bandana_Cowl_pattern_by_Lavanya_Patricella_Internet to master brioche, and if you follow my blog you  know that cowls are my new favorite thing to knit. So excited to pull out some yarn from my stash to knit this up.

Don’t forget to check out my blog on Monday to review what I have on my needles.

I pray that you have a blessed weekend.



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