New Crafting Space

As a mother one of the hardest days of my life was when my now 22 year old daughter first moved out. Not because I didn’t think she was old enough, or mature enough, but because my little baby girl was leaving home. However, that first move out only lasted about five months before she came back because as she said: “Being an adult is a lot harder then I thought it would be.” I was thrilled that she wanted to be back under the same roof as me. But then she got married last year and she was out of the house again, but this time for good. My heart aches for my little who is now an adult. I just want her under the same roof as me so I can protect her from the world. But I know it’s time to let her fly on her own.

So having said all that, we were now left with a spare room at the house, of which I haven’t touched because I wasn’t sure what to do with the space. I think part of me was hoping that she would come back home (wishful thinking? or a coping strategy). Anyway it’s been eight months since her wedding and I have this room…what now? Well my husband and I are splitting the room in half, half for my crafting/knitting/book and the other half is for his stuff. So in a cathartic, frenzied activity I cleaned and arranged everything over the long weekend. There is still some work to be done but so far I am pretty happy with the results. Now I know what I have what I need (want… it’s such a fine line).  And it’s all organized so wonderfully, I have to admit the room has a calm feeling about it and after cleaning it I just sat in there enjoying the calm.

I have to admit I’m kinda in love with this space, and even though it came at the expense of my beautiful daughter moving out and making a life of her own. I think me taking this space and making it something I can love does homage to what it was. Plus… I have a crafting room. What crafter doesn’t want that!



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