What’s on My Needles May 29th

First off I have to apologize to all my followers, I got really behind last year, then had surgery at the beginning of this year and with everything that was going on I just let my blog slip.

But I am feeling better and I’m on hopefully back on track. I’m back to knitting and loving every second of it.

So without further ado here is currently what is on my needles:

What’s On My Needles:

June’s Socks, these are a left over Christmas gift that I never finished. So 6 months late… I am hoping it’s better late then never.

But can I say I am iIMG_8381.JPGn love with this tweed color combination that I got from Knit Picks.

Yarn: Knit Picks, Stroll Tweed in Thirst Heather (green), and Indigo Heather (purple, maroon).

This is not a specific pattern, just the quick socks I love to do with an afterthought heel.

Hitchhiker Shawl: I am in love with this pattern and the yarn. Unfortunately, I don’t IMG_8380.JPGhave the name of the yarn. I bought it last year at the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair and have lost the tag. 😦

But that being said I am loving this project it is almost mindless once you understand the pattern.

I highly recommend this shawl pattern to anyone who is beginning knitting and wants a shawl pattern.

I have a couple of different yarns I would love to see knitted up with this pattern.

IMG_8379.JPGBullets in Our Fire cowl, I have to admit that me new favorite item to knit is cowls. They knit up super fast and I have found so many wonderful cowl patterns on Raverly.

Yarn: Cascade speckled yarn this is another yarn I had in my stash without a tag. But I love it. I’ve made a hat and some mits out of the same color.

Finished Projects

Bandana Cowl, This knitted up in two evens. Love it, I’ve already ordered some moreIMG_8384 yarn to do a cowl for my husband.

Yarn: Loops and Threads, Cozy Wool

Needles: US size 10

Even though this knitted up super fast the majority of they cowl was knitted using short rows, and wrap and turns. If you are interested in learning how to knit short rows/wrap and turns. Then this is a great pattern to learn and use.



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