Wish for it Wednesday

I was talking with my daughter last night and she reminded me how horrible I was when I first started knitting, how she didn’t think I was going to be able to knit anything wearable. But I eventually caught on to the whole knitting thing, and fell in love with the process (obsessed, addicted…) anyway. I had forgotten how crappy I was when I first started. Now I’m working on projects for other people and teaching others how to knit. It’s amazing how you forget things like how terrible you were, how you felt like you would never be any good at something.

So what is my point? It’s a little nostalgic and thoughtful, I know I try to write humorous and amusing but today I wanted to right something that would make you feel warm and fuzzy.  On this Wish for It Wed. I’m not wishing for a yarn company to sponsor me, or to win the lottery. I’m wishing for all my readers to find/develop/cultivate a hobby or a dream you have. I wish for each and everyone who is reading this who has a dream they have never felt they could achieve to take that baby step toward living that dream. I never thought knitting would be my thing until I picked up some knitting needles and started knitting. And it’s changed my life, so do something you never thought you could do. Change your life in new and amazing ways, you never know what might come of it. You might just find a whole new career just around the corner.

So from my home to your hugs all around. Losa


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