What’s On My Needles Sept. 12th

So I didn’t post a What’s On My Needles last week because Monday was Labor Day and I took the day off. So I have some stuff to add this week. Not a lot but some stuff.

So let’s get started.

What’s on my Needles…

I’m putting my Ashburn and Asana Shawl’s on hold for the current moment. I’m slightly burned out on them I love them but I need to take a break on the. Plus I’m excited to say I’m going to start a new test project this week that I am really really excited about and I need to clear some of my project to work on it so those projects had to be moved to the hold list.

IMG_0891August 2016 Sock Kal, by: J.L. Flecksenstien now if you follow my blog you know I love me a sock KAL but this sock is just kicking my butt. And I really wanted to just get some socks on the needles and finish them so I don’t know about this KAL… not sure if I’m going to finish it…:( I love the colors, but the pattern might be out of my league.

Hexagonal Hooded Cardigan, by: Celeste Wood I love this patternIMG_0890 and they way this is coming together I have one side all done. And am ready to start on the second side. I want to keep it for myself. But I’m making it for my daughter-in-law, and she might have to steal it from me while I’m not looking because it is so nice and warm and squishy lovely.

What I finished this week — My FO’s

smoothoperatorsocksI only have one FO this week, and it’s a pair of Smooth Operator Sock, done from Nomadic Yarn: Bookish colorway. I did these extra long and toe up, and they turned out so wonderful. I just love them. I’m in love with the afterthought heel in the pattern, especially how it feels and fits. And this yarn!, It’s just amazing. I am just in love with these socks.

Design ~ Create ~ Love

What All the Kids Are Wearing — Slouchy Beanie will be ready for sale sometime thisIMG_0860 week. I can’t believe it, I am nervous and excited and freaked out. So look for it. And check it and tell all your friends.

Mountain Man Gloves — I’m working on the woman’s size (or the small size) for the pattern and everything is going well. So this should be ready to go in the next couple of weeks.

New and Noteworthy News

No new or noteworthy information to pass on this week. So keep your needles up. And from my home to yours. Hugs all around. –Losa




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