Try it Tuesday

tryittuesdayNew segment for the blog trying something cool and new item I would like to share. New yarn… new needles.. new anything that has to do with crafting/knitting/crocheting/spinning.

I am trying some new needles. I have been a loyal Knitters Pride user and thought I wouldn’t be caught dead  using another needle. But KayeLynn from The Wool Cabin got me hiyasteelcirc2_31to buy some Hiya Hiya needle a couple of weeks ago after swearing how wonderful they were. And after knitting a pair of socks with these US #2s I have to admit that I kinda like these needless. They are comfortable in my hand, and the connection point between the needle and the cord if very smooth. So there isn’t any catching while knitting unlike with some of the Knitters Pride needles. I’m holding out on really recommending these needles because like I said I have only knitting one project with them. I need to buy some more, and I’m eyeing some the HiyaHiya sharps…

I’ll keep you posted and the HiyaHiya front.

Do you have something you want me to try before you buy? Let me know. I love trying knew things.

From my home to yours. Hugs all around. Losa


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