What’s On My Needles: Aug. 29th

So I vacillated on doing a What’s on My Needles this week or doing a blog post on the art fair from this last weekend. But then I decided I will do a follow up on the art fair Wed. And still do follow up with what I am working on. Hopefully you’ll stay tuned for the art fair follow up on Wed. I had an amazing time, and bought way to much yarn. So check out the post on Wed.

So without further ado here is what I am working on.

What’s On My Needles:

(1) Ashburn Shawl by: Melanie Berg, this is going to be a beautiful shawl and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m not going to show a picture because if you’ve been following my blog you’ve seen a picture of this shawl so many times you don’t want to see it again. So yeah still working on it. It’s going to get done one day. 😉

IMG_0894(2) Asana Shawl by: Helen Stewart, this is the last week to finish this shawl and I just started the lace portion. So I guess I’m not going to finish it before the deadline. Sad day…. anyway I am including a new picture of what it looks like right now. I’m really enjoying how it is coming along. And I’m hoping to get the majority of it done this week.

(3) August 2016 Sock KAL, by: J.L. Flecksenstien this is anIMG_0891 interesting sockKAL and you know I love a good sock KAL but I think there should have been a notice that this is probably a KAL for intermediate or experienced knitters. Not saying I’m either of those but this isn’t a sockKAL for the faint of heart. What I do love about this? The yarn from Lucky Violet Color Co. it is just lovely so soft and wonderful. I would recommend it, but for one thing it is expensive ($30 a skein) you get 457 yards to that skein, and that is in Fingering weight but still $30 dollars is a little steep. However, that being said, the yarn is lovely and the colors are spectacular. I am using a US1, Lucky Violet Color Co. yarn in the Lily (Blue Velvet, & Blueberry Crumble)colorways

IMG_0890(4) Hexagonal Hooded Cardigan, by: Celeste Wood I am crocheting this for my daughter in law and for that purpose I am loving the project. I am using a H crochet hook and using Caron’s Cake yarn in the Rainbow colorway. It is working up so fast and easy.

What I finished this week… My FO’s

So I didn’t finish anything this week… I was to busy casting on new projects and working on my patterns and new website. So, so busy. Hopefully I’ll finish something this week. Anything would be good.


 I did spin a tiny bit this week. But on a new note I did find a spinning wheel I like. I’m not going to tell you what it is until I get it in my hot little hands. Cross your fingers.

Design ~ Create ~ Love

IMG_0882Mountain Man Gloves — I am just finishing up these gloves. The pattern is all written and then I am going to knit up a woman’s pair of gloves, and add those notes to the pattern and it will be ready for publication.

What all the Kids Are Wearing Slouchy Beanie — I’m half wayIMG_0860 through the second beanie, pictures and all. Once this one is done with notes then the pattern will be ready for publication. So one more step toward being ready.

New and Noteworthy News

So I’ve been asked when my new website: Design Create Love (www.designcreateluv.com) will be ready and I have to admit I have been working really hard and making this website everything I and you will want it to be. And I can say it has been a work from the heart. And honestly I couldn’t have imagined how much work it was going to be. So please stand by while I work out all the kinks and get it picture perfect for everyone, and me.

Stay tuned for all the new and great things coming soon. Sept will be an amazing month.

Hugs from my home to yours. Losa



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