What’s On My Needles: Aug. 22nd

So I have to apologize I didn’t post last week. But I have I really good reason why, I am in the process of creating a great website and working on something really amazing. Check the News update below. But it really doesn’t excuse me from not posting. So I am seriously sorry for that. But working full time, writing full time and blogging and knitting… and with school starting last week and the hubby leaving for the hunt. I was emotionally drained. I couldn’t honestly think about blogging So I hope you can forgive me.

So on to what I have going on right now.

What’s on my Needles..

IMG_0810(1) Ashburn Shawl by: Melanie Berg I love how this is turning out I just added my first color change it’s just a shot of color (one line of color b). If you have knitted this shawl you know you add a couple of shots of color before the actually color change and I am just in love with it. I can’t wait for how it will turn out. I was a little freaked out by how the  pattern said to add the row of knitting but sometimes you just have to follow the instructions and turn off your internal editor. So I did that and it looks really good. I really wish I could just knit for a living so I could finish all my projects.

IMG_0837(2) Asana Shawl by Helen Stewart, this again is the Shawl Society KAL that lasts 6 months this is the third month and OMG I am in love with this shawl its so beautiful and soft and I’m telling you right now it’s going to be gorgeous when it is done. I have the next two weeks to finish it so I’m really going to buckle down and get it done before the deadline. Wish me luck.

(3) Jumbo Christmas Stocking by: Jennifer Jackson, so last timeIMG_0812 I mentioned these socks I promised myself that I was going to set aside an evening to work on these because I knew that Christmas was going to be here before I knew it and I still haven’t done that so… yeah… I need to do that. Because… yeah… Christmas is going to be here before you know it.

What I finished this week… My FO’s

(1) lolodidit SockKal, I love me a sockKAL and I always have some socks on needles. But if you look on what I have on my needles IMG_0877right this very moment as I write this post I have no socks on my needles. But fear not! I am casting on socks this evening for a sockKAL I am part of, I have been waiting for the yarn to get here and it finally arrived Sat. but I have been busy working on some other stuff. But I finished my loldidit socks and now I can cast on a new pair of socks. I love the color of these socks, but the second sock turned out about a size bigger then the first… which can sometimes happen but it is still a bummer. Good thing these are for me. But I still love them. They were knitting on US1.5 and are from lolodidit yarn colorway: Zombie, heels and toes are: Coal Miners Daughter. I did a Fish Lips Kiss Heel.


Okay lets be honest I love spinning, I think it is so calming and I want to spin so much more then I do. But I want to spin on a spinning wheel. But I don’t own a spinning wheel. So… Spinning is kind of on hold for right now while I contemplate the spinning wheel conundrum.

New and Noteworthy News

So I have some amazing news that I have been waiting to tell you all and I am so excited about it. And this will help to explain why I have been so busy lately.

Are you ready?!?!

designscreateloveI have been designing kitware! This has been such a new and exciting step in my life. I love the experimentation and challenge of it all. I have a wild and expansive imagination and to be able to put that to work in my knitting has been so much fun I can’t even begin to explain it all. It’s such hard work but so fulfilling at the same time.

Currently I am working on two projects:

What All the Kids are Wearing Slouchy BeanyIMG_0860

Mountain  Man GlovesIMG_0882

Along with designing I am working on setting up a great new website where you can view and buy my patterns and view my blog on in one place.

It is so much work but totally worth it. And I am feeling more fulfilled then ever. I hope that you all enjoy my endeavors.

The patterns will be available soon, so watch out for them on Ravelry and my new website. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Okay that’s my big announcement, now on to other news for the week. This coming Friday Aug. 26th is The Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair and I’m a little giddy with excitement over it. I2016_08_22_09_50_43_Great_Basin_Fiber_Arts_Fair_Internet_Explorer can’t wait to go and see all the exciting and fun things they will have to offer there. And I am going to interview some people and get the skinning on the whole thing so look for all of that next week.

New TechniqueBrioche_large

 Well I’ve been trying to learn brioche, and wow it’s so much harder then it looks. And it looks hard. But so soft and beautiful I really want to master this technique because I think there is so many different patterns that can be used with brioche. Wish me luck.

Wow that’s a lot of information but I guess that’s what I get for taking a week off. If you made it through the post thank you so much. And from my home and heart to yours. Hugs all around. Losa


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