Trying to create a pattern.

I have a brand new appreciation for knitting and crochet designers. I have been searching for a specific type of pattern for mitts for my husband and after searching for about a month I decided in the best way to create what I want was to design my own mitts. I mean who knew what I wanted best be me?

Okay easier said then done. But here is the thing. I can sit down and knit a fingerless pair of mitts with out really thinking about it, and I can usually cast on a pair and get them done in one evening. So I though throwing together a pattern for what I wanted for my hubby in the time frame I had (2 weeks) would be fun, exciting, and easy.

Well it was a couple of things but, fun, exciting and easy didn’t top the list. In fact those three things didn’t even make it to the list. Here is my problem and all you designers who have been designing for a while can sit back and have a chuckle at my dumb mistakes. I sat down with stars in my eyes thinking ‘oh this will be so easy’ I’ve made so many fingerless mitts, setting in some fingers will be so easy…” I watched a couple of YouTube videos about knitting fingers and I set off.

And crashed face first into my own ego. HARD!!! Let’s break it down.

  • First of all I used a thick worsted weight yarn because I am making my husband gloves to use while he is hunting, and I want the mitts to be durable
  • I used a US #3 needle, now you wouldn’t think that should be a problem and it really isn’t but you need to be prepared to use these tools and if I had thought it through I would have swatched all this prior to casting on in the first place.
  • Did I mention I didn’t swatch anything??? Because I didn’t… my bad
  • I failed to take any kind of notes as I went along. Just winged the whole project. I mean why would I need to take notes?
  • I started with a brand knew casting on method, (did I mention I failed to take any kind of notes?)
  • My one saving grace? I tried the mitts on my husband as I went along. They fit but they were tight. But he wanted them to be tight. (FYI tight is bad when you are building a pattern, I didn’t understand this until I tried to put fingers in my mitts!) Designers are laughing their butts off right about now. You want ease in your patterns.
  • By the time I got to the fingers, I had gotten two fingers done and I tried the gloves on and could barely slide my fingers through the finger holes. But where had I gone wrong? Could I just rip back to the base of the fingers? To the ribbing? No the entire mitt had to be undone, because mitts/gloves are an all emcompassing type of knit if you don’t start out with the right amount of stitches at the get go then you are totally screwed when you have to put the fingers in later.

So here is what I have learned from my first attempt at creating a pattern…

  1. My hat goes off to designers they are amazing. Creating patterns is so much harder then  I ever could have imagined. I would love to join their ranks and hopefully with a little more work I will be able to, but it will take work.
  2. You have to have a plan going in. You can’t blindly try to create something when knitting. That was my biggest problem. I got all the way to the fingers and realized I made a fundamental problem at cast on. If I had a game plan going in, none of that would have happened. Write it out, a skeleton of an idea will save you hours of work.
  3. Keep tons of notes, make notes of everything you do while you are knitting. Each row you make. Each increase and decrease, each stitch if need be. You can always take out information from your pattern. But you can’t add information you forgot because you were to busy creating your masterpiece that is useless to others.
  4. HAVE FUN!! I know my first attempt wasn’t any fun. But it was because I didn’t follow the rules. But now I know what I need to do to create a pattern. To create something useable. To share my love of knitting and crochet with the world.

Have you ever tried to create a pattern? Let me know, I need as much advice as possible.

Hugs all around. And God bless. Losa


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