What’s On My Needles: Aug. 8th

So the last week has been an amazing week for me. I’ve branched out and did some different stuff and had some fun. I’ve done some crocheting and it was a lot of fun I think I will continue to work in some crocheting projects here and there. But never fear knitting will always be my first love. But it’s nice to know that I can do different things.

So here is What’s On My Needles this Week

IMG_0839(1) Ashburn Shawl by Melanie Berg, I got a couple of inches worked on this shawl this week but because I wanted to work on my new crochet shawl this project kinda got pushed to the side. So umm… my bad. I’ll be working on it some more this week hopefully. It’s just so lovely. And since it isn’t cold yet (still in the mid 90’s here in Salt Lake) I’m not worried about shawls right now. And this one is for me so I’ll just keep working on it.

(2) lolodidit SockKal,  Remember this is a sockKAL and I have till theIMG_0838 end of Aug. to finish the socks. Okay so love these socks but I wanted my Smooth Operator Socks finished so those are the one’s I wanted finished last week so I have cast on the second one for these but haven’t finished these but they will be done this week. But I just love how these are turning out. Almost too beautiful to wear… ALMOST. I totally need to buy more of this yarn though because my son now wants a slouchy beanie made out of these colors now.

IMG_0812(3) Jumbo Christmas Stocking by Jennifer Jackson, I didn’t work on this project last week but I think I need to set aside one night a week were I only work on this project each week that I way know I will actually finish these before Christmas. Otherwise I will be working on other things that I am to excited about and that get my attention. Not a good thing.

(4) Asana Shawl by Helen Stewart, Shawl Society KAL this is theIMG_0837 shawl for August and I did indeed frog the July shawl (Amulet Shawl), which made me sad but I have so many items on my needles I couldn’t add another shawl and not have something finished or take something off. So the Amulet Shawl had to go 😦 But the Asana Shawl is so beautiful and the yarn I got for it is absolutely lovely and to die for. I can not wait for the finished project. Helen Stewart mentioned this would be a special occasion shawl and she wasn’t kidding. I am knitting it on US#5 (the pattern calls for US#6, the I did a swatch and I had to go down a needle size) and I am using Malabrigo sock yarn 854 Rayon Vert Colorway which is a dark purple wine color with shots of dark green. It’s just wonderful.

What I finished this week… My FO’s

IMG_0830Smooth Operator Socks by: Susan B. Anderson I really enjoyed knitting these socks and participating in this sockKAL I especially loved this colorway from Knit Picks and the afterthought heel which I had never done before. I thought doing the heel this way was a great way to stop from causing gaps and holes being created around the heel. I will definitely be using this pattern again.

Craft Bitch Shawl by: Mamachee I feel in love with thisIMG_1471_-_Copy-2_medium2 shawl at first glance and had to have it. The problem? It was a crochet pattern only, but shocker of all shockers? I was able to sit down and crochet this shawl out without any problems. I was able to crochet this in three days… THREE DAYS!!! Who knew I could do that? Not me. And it turned out so lovely I can’t even stand it. I might need an entire new outfit to go with it… lol. I recommend this project, and the designer.


I didn’t spin at all this week, I was to wrapped up in my new crocheting project. Along with my Christmas stocking I need to set aside one evening a week to just spin.

Any New and Noteworthy News …


I visited a LYS this weekend and found the great new yarn for my Asana Shawl, The Blazing Needle at 1365 S 1100 E near the Salt Lake City downtown area, the staff there was so nice and helpful. The selection of yarn was high end yarn, with brands like Malabrigo,  Wool in the Gang, and Shibui. They also have a gorgeous website. My only draw back was they were a little hard to find, but as long as you have a gps app. you should be fine. If you happen to be in the area I would highly recommend you stop in and check them out, they offer a wonderful selection of yarns, spectacular customer service a large array of classes and the shop is just adorable to boot. I really enjoyed stopping in and checking it out.

So that’s it for now. Let me know what you have going on.

Hugs All Around — Losa



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