Branching Out…

So I’m branching out a little, I’m spreading my creative wings and trying something different this week. Will I succeed or fall flat on my face? Who know’s but here is the question and the idea, if I don’t try I’ll never know. But to be completely honest, it wasn’t my idea to branch out in this way but I had no choice in the matter.

Okay I did have a choice I could have chosen to walk away turn my back on this lovely pattern I found and just say that’s to bad. And walked away with a sigh, but if you’ve read any of my blog posts before you should know by now I’m not really the type to walk away with a sigh and a shrug.

Let me set I up for you…

I was working on something and in the corner of my screen I had Raverly’s project radar going. If you don’t know what this is it’s just a pop up screen that show’s finished project and it refresh’s as Ravelers post finished projects. I just love to see what other Ravelers have done. This is a good and bad thing, because when I see something flash up that I like I usually take a second to stop and click on it. (Do you see where I’m going with this?)

So out of the blue I see this amazing shawl. See picture to the right. And what’s even better I loveIMG_1471_-_Copy-2_medium2 the color of the shawl and the name… oh the name just has be giggling; Crafty Bitch Shawl by: Mamachee. I have to make this shawl I have to have it in my collection. This won’t be a shawl I’ll be making and giving away, this will be a shawl just for me and me alone. So I click on it, and my heart broke to see it’s a crochet only pattern. I google it, crochet only. I look on the designers website, crochet only. How can it be a crochet only pattern? I was literally heart broken, and when I would have normally just walked away with a shrug and said that’s to bad, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. This was not a project I would walk away from. But there was one problem…

I’m I knitter… KNITTER. I don’t crochet. The things I have crocheted in the past have not turned out well. Because I AM A KNITTER. But I want… no I 323a7f4e07f0a9b1591184e78df899ddneed this shawl.

So guess what? I went to my local yarn shop (Kamille’s  at Gardner Village to be exact, thank you for your wonderful help) and bought the yarn I wanted to make this beautiful shawl out of, Plymouth Yarn Worsted Superwash, it’s a speckled yarn with a light blue base, got myself the size of crochet hook required by the pattern a #K or 6.5mm (side note: why can’t we just all have the same size needles and hooks around the world?). Then when I got home I sat down read through the entire pattern, and cast this sucker on. Yes, I had to rip it out twice, but then I got into the flow of it and shocker of all shockers, it doesn’t look horrible. in fact it kinda looks nice. Now I know the picture I have provided at the top of the post is curled but when pulled part this piece is coming together nicely.

Okay so what have I learned so far in my one night of crocheting vs my years of knitting?

  • You are limited only by what you think you can’t do.
  • When you want to learn to do something new find something you really want, like this shawl I really really wanted this so I’m taking a lot of care to make it right. And it’s giving me some incentive to learn to crochet right. 😉
  • Don’t ever give up, life is to short to limit yourself by what you think you can’t do.
  • When in doubt ask for help. I asked the ladies at my LYS for some tips on yarn and they were more then helpful.
  • I thought I had to be either a knitter or a crocheter but I can be both and so can you


Think of all the new projects you can do if you can knit and crochet? Holy crap!!! I’m going to need more yarn…nobody tell my husband.

Hugs all around. Losa



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