Drowning in WIP’s

I have a confession to make, I cast on a new project last night and I did it before I finished any of my other projects. That makes 4 live WIP’s¬† going. And I’m not ashamed about it either. Nope not even a little, see I had to get a new set of needles to start this project and they came in the mail and when I opened the mailbox and they were there I opened them and felt them and they were just so awesome and well… one thing lead to another and the next thing I new I had my fourth WIP going. Honestly how could I help myself? Do you blame me?

dea2d586bd556fb861ca41167fcc1e97Am I drowning in WIP’s? YUP! And I was so proud of myself last week because I had finished three projects and the week before I had finished two. But I’ll be lucky if I finish my pair of socks for the week. But really am I in a¬†competition someone? NO! Well maybe with myself.

What is it with that internal demon that says we have to be like everyone else…finish your current project before starting your next? I thrive in having different projects, if I get bored with what I am working on I can put it away and pick up something else. Not really how everyone works but it works for me.

How do you work on your WIPs? One at a time, or several at a time? I would love to know, leave a comment below. And have a happy Wednesday. Hugs all around. — Losa



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