What’s On My Needles this Week July 25th

I completed a lot of projects this last week, which meant I CO a lot too… I love creating something new it’s so great to get to CO something new it’s like Christmas morning. Does anyone else get that excited to start a new project??? I just love it, new yarn, new pattern, new needles (not brand new needles, but you know what I mean). The entire process of starting a new project is just thrilling for me.

But it wasn’t all thrilling this week, and when you get to the FO section you will see what I mean.

So drum roll please.

What’s currently on my Needles…

IMG_0706(1) Escama del Dragon Cowl, so I worked on this and got about four more inches done on this and I would say it’s about a third of the way done. And here is the deal… now don’t freak out here but I really think the yarn I am using is too thick. I am using a worsted and almost chunky weight yarn, the a Plymouth Yarn KudoĀ on Ravelry it says its an Aran weight. and the pattern calls for a DK weight which you wouldn’t think would make that much of a difference but it really is. Soooo after weeks of knitting a couple of rows a week I think I am going to rip this out and try to get something not so chunky to knit this wonderful patter. šŸ˜¦ this is just how some knits go. You win some… you frog some.

(2) Ashburn by Melanie Berg, this is a beautiful wingspan shawl and you can do it upIMG_0787 in so many different colors. And I am just in love with the pattern and the way it is knitting up so easily. The pattern is so easy to follow, and it has a gorgeous scalloped edge. I am knitting it on US#6 using Knit Picks Palette Yarn in Fingering Weight, and the three colors I am using are Ash, Garnet, and Jay. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

IMG_0790(3) Amulet Shawl, Shawl Society by Helen Stewart KAL this is a fabulous shawl KAL that goes for about 6 months and each month you get a new shawl pattern. I didn’t do the first months shawl because I ran out of time and money…. However, I am running out of time to get this month’s shawl done. But I am knitting this up with yarn from one of my favorite new yarn stores Pineapple Yarns out of Hawaii, if you don’t know who they are you need to check them out. I am in love with their yarn!!! But back to the Amulet Shawl, this is a fantastic/beautiful shawl and pattern if you like well writing instructions then this is the pattern for you. Every single row is written out for you. Love it! Give it a try. Helen does a wonderful job.

(4) lolodidit SockKAL Who doesn’t like a Sock KAL? I know I love a sock KAL, because I’m IMG_0786going to always be knitting socks anyway so might as well do it during a KAL right? It’s wonderful to have a community doing something with you. And with this KAL you get to choice your own pattern, you just have to buy the yarn for LoloDidIt yarn store. The combinations of yarns people are using is great. And it’s double greatĀ because I got to try out a knew yarn etsy store that I had never heard of itĀ before and I really like her yarn. So winner winner chicken dinner.

What I finished this week… My FO’s

IMG_0776Vanilla Latte Socks — I knitted these socks for my mom and they knitted up like a dream and turned out wonderful. I am so proud of them. I tried a Fish Lips Kiss Heel for the first time and just love how that looks and how it hugs the heel my love says they fit wonderfully so I am going to use that heel again. So easy to knit and fits the best, I would highly recommend this heel.


Stark Knit Cap, or just a knit cap as it turned out. Okay so it started out as the Stark Knit IMG_0779cap but that damn yarn just didn’t want to be knitted into that pattern and I actually had to frog that thing out again for the 6th or 7th time. I lost count… anyway I frogged it all the way out and just knit up a basic small cap and bound it off. It isn’t pretty and frankly I wouldn’t admit to knitting it but I am going to make my husband wear it if I have to staple it to his head because that damn thing did NOT want to be knitted. And I fought with it the entire way. But it’s done and if I every had to look upon it again it will be to soon.


My plan was to spin everyday so I got in a habit… but I was just a knitting fool this week and didn’t really get any spinning done. I drooled over some spinning wheels. Does that count?

I promise to do some spinning this week.

Any New and Noteworthy News…

Like I said earlier I found a couple of wonderful new Indie Yarn shops that I just feel in love with,Ā runĀ and check them out they have wonderful yarn and are worth the extra little price. Here are the names and the links. 423947578189b6a944547a3915a9b1f3

Pineapple Yarn out of Hawaii

LoloDidIt out of Las Vegas

Lemonade Shop out of Colorado

Nomadic Yarn out of Illinois

A lot is going on behind the scene’s lately. And I am hoping to be able to share with you some news in the coming weeks about some fun stuff I have planned for the blog this coming fall. Plus as some of you know I am a published author and my fourth book in my serious is due out next month so I am feverously working on getting that ready for publication. If your interested in checking out my books here is my website.

Is this enough info for a Monday afternoon I hope so because I am all info’d out?!? Hugs all around — Losa




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