KAL Fever

I guess before I go on about KAL’s or CALs I should explain what the heck they are right??? Okay so KAL or CAL is a Knit or Crochet A Long get it, pretty easy to understand.
Now when you are part of a KAL, as I will refer to is in the rest of this blog since I do not crochet sorry for the crocheters out there but please don’t think I am leaving you out. Anyway, when you join a KAL it can be for many different reasons and boy oh boy do they have many different reasons, and this summer I have come across some KAL’s.

Here are a list of some  KAL’s

Loopy Pirate Art 2016Camp Loopy — this is a huge KAL and goes over three months June, July, and August and each month there is a different project and the projects are announced until about two weeks prior to the month starting. This gives you just the right amount of time to get a pattern and yarn/sewing/crocheting items you need to finish your project before the month begins. They have a great them and it basically centers on summer camp kind of idea  and they have t-shirts and everything. This is run out of The Loopy Ewe yarn/fabric/craft story and they do an amazing job every year hosting this event.
Philosophers_Stone_mediumThere always seems to be a KAL going on somewhere online regarding a Harry Potter book here is one I found on Ravelry:  Philosopher’s Stone MKAL Pattern by: Erica Jackofsky (Fiddle Knits)’s Ravelry Store the great and interesting thing about this MKAL is it’s a mystery KAL hence the M in front of the KAL. So you don’t know what they Shawl pattern is. And you also need to buy the Fiddle Knits yarn. Luckily the yarn is beautiful but once they run out they are out.
I mention this KAL because there are so many great KALs that center around amazing books and TV/ Movies that people love.
WCKAL_mediumHere is a great KAL, and it is a build along KAL, such a great idea. Wish I had thought of it.
Windy City Mystery Knit
The pattern and is released in parts and each part builds on itself.
This is a great and fun idea on how to build on fundamentals of knitting. I know this has already been going for a couple of weeks but I’m sure if you wanted to join now you would be able to join in on the fun. I just love the idea of breaking something down into parts. Not feeling the rush to get something done.
Sock KAL’s are hug and you can find them in droves here. You can’t throw a pair of socks IMG_1649_medium2without hitting a sock KAL on Ravelry. (haha I made a funny… well it made me laugh)
August 2016 Sock KAL
This is one I might do. Such a great colorway and fun listing. I love, I mean love a good sock KAL, and it takes a lot to get me to pass one up. Which means I probably won’t pass on this one. I’m weak like that. Sock KAL’s in my estimation are glorious, they are wonderful ways to try out new yarn, and meet knew people and just have fun. Who doesn’t like socks? EVERYONE wears socks!

Now onto KAL’s I’m currently a part of

collection_cover_small2Shawl Society by Curious Handmade
For the Shawl Society you pay a flat fee and over a period of six months, six different shawls patterns will be released, a different one each month. You get to pick the yarn/colorway you knit it in. I am loving the different looks everyone in the KAL is coming up with from the same pattern. I highly recommend this KAL to anyone who enjoys knitting shawls. My one suggestion is this would not be a KAL for a beginning knitter. However, that being said I love the shawls the Curious Handmade has come up with this woman… goodness gracious they are beautiful! Loveily doesn’t begin to encompass these shawls.
This is a sock KAL and runs from mid July to the end of August and you have to use Lolowaves Did It yarn, which is fabulous but after that you can use any sock pattern you want, and holy cow there are so many to choose from but here is a peek at the pattern I am going to use which I am going to use a modified cabled pattern. It’s Waves by Kimberly Gintar
Okay so now back to the KAL discussion, typically KAL’s have prizes if you follow the rules and post your pictures of completed projects on Ravelry or the web. And the prizes are usually way cool. Totally worth doing the KAL for, because honestly you’re going to be knitting anyway right? Might as well try and get a prize for doing it. There are so many great KAL’s going on, there is one out there for you so go out and find one and maybe your might meet a couple of people and socialize or something… gasp, shudder. Seriously knitting can be a social and interactive activity.
Let me know what you think, and if this was helpful in anyway. Hugs all around — Losa

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