Finding the Perfect Color

It’s a Quest… A Journey… A Pursuit… A Mission… A Crusade if you will


If you’ve been knitting/crocheting for any amount of time you’ve run into this problem. You’ve found a pattern, or someone a loved one perhaps has request you make them an item. And you have found the perfect pattern, the pattern to beat all other pattern’s into dust. You must make this pattern because to do anything less would be heartbreaking. You would be doing yourself and your loved one a disserve because it wouldn’t be your best work, it would be half hearted at best because it wouldn’t be that one pattern. (I dare you to tell me you haven’t been there? I DARE YOU!)

Anyway… you have the ultimate pattern and along with said ultimate pattern you have in your minds eye exactly what color, what shade, you need to have in order for this masterpiece to become reality. But can you find this particular pigmentation? This tone? This hue?

The different colors of the rainbow.

Who knew there were so many shades of colors out there, and dyers are inventing more shades, more iridescences’ as we speak!! There isn’t enough time in the day or night to slog through the shades and the etsy and online stores to view them all. Some are to dark, some are to light, to harsh, to sparkly, some have stashes of other colors that won’t work for the palette you are trying to accomplish and some have hues of blue tones, or green tones, or yellow tones.

howdotheydoitHow do they do it? I’m astonished and amazed, by the talent of wool and yarn dyers they leaves me in awe. But I’m still with all these choice’s, and I still can’t find the one color I want for two project’s that are haunting me. I’ve come to the stunning  and heart breaking conclusion that minuet nuances of pinks and yellows are enough to drive a person (this person) batty if you let it.

I’ve also come to the realization that these projects are one’s that I’m going to have to put aside, they are projects that won’t get done immediately. All though I really want to make them and get them off my to do list because I am being so particular about the color’s I want to make them. I am going to have to wait until I find that one color. And I am going to have to be okay with that. Make peace with the gotta have it now knitter inside of me.  Luckily I have a ton of other projects I can work on until I find that one perfect color or two or three or four to add to my stash.

Have you had to wait to find that perfect color before? Share with me your story. I need to know I’m not alone in this crazy knitting world. 😉

Hugs all around. And have a wonderful day. — Losa



  1. I hear you! This is the first time that I want to knit something for my husband (getting on the Christmas present list early) and I want to knit him this particular hat. Whilst the man looks perfectly normal shaped, he actual has a huge head, and hats just don’t fit him. So I figured if I knit him one, then I can knit it to fit. I kept sending him colour palettes of greens, because I wanted to pin point his favourite green colour. He finally settled on a shade that could probably be described as a dark forest green. But now I’m seriously struggling to find that perfect yarn. It’s been a month, and I’ll get close to it, but not perfect.


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