Spinning Whaaaa…

Learning To Spin

┬áSo I had this grand idea, it was rather brilliant if you ask me. I’ve been knitting for a while and I decided I would like to move into spinning my own yarn, its a natural progression, right?. I researched and watched many YouTube video, and Googled the crap out of Spinning, I read up on spinning, and generally researched the crap out of it. Finally I broke down and bought a drop spindle (I know I broke the bank!). And I bought some roving and attempted to spin. Let me reitterate and put some emphasis on the word attempted.IMG_0728
Did you know it’s much harder then it looks? Like really very, very hard to make yarn out of that fluff, for a beginner, or novice. All the books, and video’s and research and those damn YouTubers make it look so simple. Now, before you laugh at me and say “Now Losa, those ladies and gentlemen have been spinning for years.” I know this, and I was prepared for a learning curve. Nothing comes for nothing, and I was prepared to have to go uphill before the downhill into a plethra of hand spun yarn heaven. But holy crap, its hard. Park and spin, roving, drafting, getting the right amount of energy, over spinning, slubs oh the slubs. And there’s different types of roving and the type of roving you get will equal the type of yarn you end up with. Then there is plying, and washing, and a thing called knitty knotty (which seriously sounds like it could be a sex toy, but I’m not here to judge). Is your head spinning instead of your new hobby and that beautiful new yarn you wanted to spin, where’s that at now? Top roving, commerical top, rolage, batt, and of course just regular roving. Not to mention all the different types of yarn you could be making if you could ever figure out how to actually spin.
And just when I think I have it, I pull it apart and I’m hanging my sad spinning head in shame.
IMG_0733 I admit, my biggest mistake was I bought expensive colorful dyed roving to spin right at first and immediatly went about murdering it. So I had to put the drop spindle down and order some less expensive roving that I didn’t mind murdering to practice my drop spinning on, which I found out was the best idea (oh the things you learn from YouTube).
But none of these things are told to you on YouTube, or all the books teaching you how to spin, or the blogs about the wonder of Spinning. Because they want you to spin! They want you to drink the KoolAid! It’s a trap, a doorway into a room without an exit where you will end up spinning for the rest of your life without stoping, spinning until your fingers are blooding stumps. There is no gold at the end of the spinning rainbow. Okay I’m being a little dramatic.
After it’s all said and done, and I was able to get a passiable piece of work hand spun on my drop spindle I was so excited I did a little happy dance in my chair, (btw, this gave Mr. Losa endless amounts of joy) and I didn’t have to drink the KoolAid, I was hooked. Thrilled even. I actually got up at 4 a.m. that night and spun for an hour in the quiet of the night, not something I recommned, however, I can see how this will be something I will truly enjoy and learn to love in the future once I get much better at it.
Do I recommend spinning? Yes, do I recommend over researching spinning, NO! Some research is a good idea. You need to understand what you are getting into. Paradise Fibers has a great drop spindle tutorial. I’ve watched it at least 5 different times. Respect the Spindle by: Abby Franquemont is a great read she also has some videos on YouTube that aren’t to bad and I’ve watched almost all of them.
So hope this was helpful, and please share your spinning stories below. I would love to know I’m not alone.

Hugs all around. — Losa


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