What’s On My Needles: July 11th

Wow the last week has been a week of error’s on the needles. Have you ever had a week where nothing goes right on the needles… everything gets frogged multiply times. The stitch counts are always off. The patterns and charts are like a foreign language? Well welcome to my past week. I couldn’t get it right, and even the wrong was wrong.

So good or bad where is what is on my needles.

What’s on my needles currently…(surprise surpise it’s eerily similar to last week)

(1) Kaleidoscope Striped Shawlette so I am about 75% done, but now tIMG_0718hat I am in the charted portion of the shawl I feel like I am bouncing my head off my desk. Or like I want to stab myself with my sticks. See Am I Knitting or Summoning a Demon for further details. I am determined to get this shawlette finished this week, come hell or high water I will have this in the finished project section next week. That having been said, I am knitting this on US 7’s using Crystal Palace, Mochi Plus in the Festival colorway.

IMG_0717(2) Stark knit cap This cap is killing me, honestly it has become one of those projects where I will finish it because I have to. I ripped it out after getting it half way done because I tried it on my husband and it was too big. If you follow my blog you know I have ripped it out four other times prior to this. Yes you read that right, this is the number 5 on the re-try. Wish me luck, I am knitting this on US 7’s in Lorna’s Laces Shepherds Sport Camophlauge colorway.

(3) My wonderful Purple Fingerless Gloves, are still on IMG_0707their needles and will remain there until they are finished. Poor things just sit there waiting their turn. I love them and want them finished and they get pushed aside. I will get them finished.

IMG_0706(4) I still have my Escama del Dragon Cowl on the needles. I didn’t work on it this last week but will keep it on the needles and just keep working on it. I want it for this fall sometime. But because it isn’t a rush project like I mentioned I will just keep it there for whenever.

What I have Finished my FO’s!!!

NOTHING!!! Because I fought with my projects this week. But that is knitting right? There are up weeks and down weeks, and this was a down, down, down week.

New section and I am soo very excited about it.


IMG_0724This week I got a drop spindle, and I am beyond thrilled with it. I can’t tell you the excitement I had when I got it. Giddy and thrilled and more adjectives that I can’t come up with right now.

IMG_0728Now I understood that using the Drop Spindle would have a learning curve, but the learning curve sure was a lot steeper then I would have thought. Like it took me three hours before I could even get a foot of yarn spun. Six hours before I got it moving in a park and spin motion.

But after two days I was finally able to get into a motion that I was proud of. Now the ply I am making is horrible. But I am SPINNING!IMG_0727

I am using a drop spindle and spinning a hand-dyed BFL Roving from Frabjous Fibers in the Spilled Ink colorway.

I am loving spinning and the drop spindle is so much fun. But after doing it for a couple of days I think I want to get some basic roving to try that isn’t so expensive. I’m thinking of getting some roving from Knit Picks their cost is around $6.00 dollars, IMG_0733in comparison to what I paid at my LYN.


Any New and Noteworthy News…

Do you live in the Salt Lake Valley? Close to the Salt Lake Valley? Do you Knit or Crochet, are you a spinner, do you want to? I am in the process of setting up a knitting, crochet, and spinning group we will be meeting twice a month. The details of the group are being set up now but there is a online sign up form. I would love to have you as part of the group. We also have a Facebook page.

Illustration of a Web Banner with a Knitting Theme
Illustration of a Web Banner with a Knitting Theme


So I know that was a lot of information I hope everyone has a blessed week. Keep your needles up. Hugs all around. — Losa





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