Am I Knitting or Summoning a Demon

The Ups and Downs of Following a Knitting Chart


Have you had to use a knitting chart lately? Because I have, it wasn’t the one above. And let me tell you I wasn’t sure if I was going to come out the other side a normal person. Listen ladies & gentlemen we have put a man on the moon but we can’t seem to have a universal language for knitting charts?

And who the hell decided to make these charts read from right to left and bottom to top? Seriously I wasn’t sure if I was joining a cult or knitting a shawl. But I knew my eyes were crossed after two rows. Half of the pattern was written and half was charted. There’s a legend on a different page. And only half the shawl was charted, it is assumed that once you get to the center stitch you would just reverse the stitches…ASSUMED!!!

There was swearing, some screaming at the chart, shaking of the project. Googleing of mnemonics I had never seen before (btw psso has two different meanings and my  project is using both of them, why I don’t know?!?). More screaming, that’s when my hubby declared that the demons had arrived.2368235909_20_Sifa_ChA-e1408021325554

Was I only supposed to knit this during a full moon, should I have sacrificed a goat, danced naked around a bon fire? What needed to be done so I could figure out this chart and all charts to come after it?

If I have learned anything while knitting it is knitting designers like to create new and imagesexciting things, this goes for patterns and their charts. But seriously as a simple knitter why can’t we have a universal knitting and crocheting codes, either that or I am going to need a decoder ring with the purchase of all patterns. Some of the charts seem to be written in Sanskrit, up to this point in my knitting career I have avoided patterns with charts in them. And for good reason because charts are HARD!

But I say “NO MORE!!” I shall not be held back by charts.

I will no longer be held captive by knitting charts that look x354-q80as though I need a decoder ring, and degree in ancient languages in order to knit them. I shall perceiver and I shall KNIT I say, I SHALL KNIT. Halleluiah. Praise the Lord.

Is that a little too much?

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you want to grow as a knitter you need to learn to read these crazy charts in all there crazy glory, sans decoder rings. Every pattern is going to be different, but with each pattern and chart you will grow as a knitter, and in the end that is what is matters. So don’t be afraid of the charts, the first one is the hardest. (But just in case; you might want to keep the salt handy. Just say’n)

Hugs all around. — Losa


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