Frogging Your Work

So if you follow my blog at all you know I am currently working on a beanie for my husband and I have had to rip that sucker out three different times. And I’m just about out of c0aa24ed8fd320085f9dd20cf280d8e2patience for that piece of work. Which had me thinking, where the heck did the term Frogging come from… And why Frogging? And then I thought he isn’t going to notice those stupid stitches not lining up on that beanie because all he care’s about is that I made him a beanie with my own two hands and love in ever stitch (fill free to laugh here) and he can wear it after they cart me off to the crazy house because all the k1, p2’s don’t line up exactly right. (*bounce’s head off desk)

But seriously why Frogging?

Until I became a knitter if someone told me I had to frog my work I would have looked at them sympathetically because I would have thought them slightly off, if not infected with some odd disease by which you need serious help. Then turned and walked away shaking my head to find someone to help me with my knitting.

But someone was nice enough to clue me in and explain what Frogging meant and I had a nice little giggle at my own expense.

If your new to knitting let me clue you into what frogging is as I had to find out the hard images (2)way. According to the internet: In the knitting world frogs say “rip it, rip it.” lol. Also the term frogging gives the impression of a rather exuberant ripping out of knitted stiches and when ripping out your knitting it can some times make the same sound as a frog.

Who would have known? I wouldn’t have until someone told me. I mean I saw it on Ravelry and thought that’s an odd selection.

But now I know, and now you know. And the world is a better place because the information has been passed down. Share, because you’ve frogged your work before whether you want to admit it or not. The best of us has, the worst of us have. We will, we do. It’s just part of knitting.

So go forth and knit my friends and frog away.

Hugs all around. –Losa




  1. Rip it, rip it…
    I always meant to look it up, and never got round to it. This is brilliant! There was me thinking the term was a lot more technical than that!
    Thanks for posting about it, I frogged two rows of stitches on the train this morning due to not YO somewhere I was meant to.


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