What’s On My Needles: July 5th

So this is a day late due to the July 4th holiday, and I’m feeling frantic today. Not only is it Tuesday and I feel I have lost a day. I’m feeling as if I have to squeeze everything I should have done yesterday into today, plus today’s stuff. And I feel like my head is going to explode all over the wall.

Thursday I felt like I had the world at my feet, and this morning I feel like the back end of a bad dream. Okay, so that having been said, lets see what I have on my needles shall we???

What’s on my needles?

IMG_0718(1) The big project of the week is this amazing Kaleidoscope Striped Shawlette, this is the first shawlette I have attempted and I have to say I am loving it. I should have it done by next week so you can see the finished project and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am knitting it on US 7s, using Crystal Palace, Mochi Plus in the Festival colorway. The only thing I am doing different on this. is it calls for two different balls of yarn, and I am using only one. I thought the switch from one ball of yarn to another was just a pain in the butt, I tried to do it and had to rip it out. This was a personal preference on my part and I think so far it is turning out really nice, also I think I am using a little bit of a heavy yarn it still looks really nice but if I were to do it again I would use something a little less heavy.

(2) I am making this hat for my husband, the archery hunting season starts in August so I IMG_0717am building up some hunting knits for him. This Stark knit hat is a new addition to his hunting supply and I am knitting it up with US 4s, using Lorna’s Lace in the Camouflage colorway. This yarn is super soft and I honestly can’t wait to see how the hat will turn out. Unfortunately, I have frogged this hat three different times because I can’t seem to get the damn K1, P2 pattern to run true. So I have given up and it is going to be a little messy  but hopefully the hubby won’t mind (if he even notices). (If you have a sure fire way to get ribbing done without messing it up, please let me know)

IMG_0706(3) I still have my Escama del Dragon Cowl on the needles. I worked a couple of rows on it this last week but I am just working it slow and steady I don’t have a great time limit on this so no rush.

(4) And again my beautiful purple fingerless gloves are still on their needles. Again no link I really need to add them tIMG_0707o my Ravelry page. I actually didn’t work on them this last week. But I need to get them finished if nothing else just to get them finished and off there needles.

(5) The socks I started last week I am going to rip them out because I just don’t have time for them I need to get the hubby some socks started for the hunt that is next month and that is more important then the socks I have going now. So those are going to be either ripped out or put aside like aside, aside. And I would rather have the needles free then sitting somewhere. So they are going ripped out and the yarn stashed. 😦

What I have finished FO!!!

YEAH I have 1 Finished Object

IMG_0719I finished and blocked my Pradera Wrap, and can I just say OMG it turned out more beautiful then I could have hoped for. I got the pattern from Ravelry: Pradera Wrap Pattern, and I used the suggested yarn which was Manos del Uruguay in the Clara colorway. The Manos yarn is extremely soft and knits up so wonderfully. I had a couple of problems with the yarn, however,  it tangles very easily and I noticed when I went to wash it that looked like it wanted to felt. So beware and handle very very gently. But besides that, I thought it knitted up beautifully and blocked out well. The only other problem is it’s summer now and I really have no where to wear it now… lol.

Any New and Noteworthy News…

New needles…

So I tried some new needles this week I tried out Knitters Pride Nova Cubics Platina, and to put it frankly I feel in love. It took me a minute to get used to the needle but after knitting with it for about an hour I was hooked (no pun intended). knitterspridesquare

Here is what is different with this needle, it is very pointy (or a stiletto point) and the shaft of the needle in square. It felt like I didn’t need to grip the needle as hard, and because it was so pointy it slid into the yarn smoothly. They say on the back of the needle that they are ergonomically superior and I totally believe it. I have ordered more from JBW where I found them. And can’t wait to get some more to use.

If you get tired hands from knitting you should try out these square needles.

Something a little different

IMG_0712Jimmy Beans Wool HSN Big Beanie Bag

So I signed up for the monthly subscription and I wasn’t disappointed with what I got. The jury is out on whether or not it will actually complete the scarf it says it will so I will let you know when I create the project. But I am in love with the colors. I really want to try out some more of the yarn and knit monthly subscriptions boxes but they are so much, but the Jimmy Beans bag is only $25.00. IMG_0713



Wow that was a lot of information hope you aren’t overloaded, but in case not don’t forget to loin in on the fun by joining the Facebook page or the K2tg Knitting group. And never miss out on any of the information I send out.

Hugs all around. -Losa






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