New Find LYS, and a lovly new yarn

classes Have you ever promised yourself to go someplace and keep putting it off. Like I’ll get to it one day? And that day just never seems to get here, not because you don’t want to go but because it’s always at the end of the list?

Yeah, well now I’m kind of kicking myself. Because that place was Kamille’s yarn shop, a local yarn shop (LYS) here in my home town of Salt Lake City, suburb West Jordan. It’s a great little shop with an eclectic small town feel located in the heart of Gardner Village a bustling little small shop Village. Think strip mall with small town motif, its absolutely great. But back to Kamille’s, this is a great yarn shop they have a wonderful stash of yarns at compatible prices. For the yarn I bought which I will go into more detail below I went online to compare it and it ranked right within dollars  at the 4 major online retailers. When it comes to customer service I was immediately greeted the moment I walked in the door, and I noticed the woman who was helping me took the time to greet everyone who walked in. She was genuinely interested in every person. She asked if I was a knitter or crocheter, which I LOVED!! (That is an important distinction people!) When I picked out a yarn, she asked me what I was planning on making out of it. Showed me some other yarns I might be interested but she wasn’t pushy and I just wanted to hug her for that.

Something to keep in mind Kamille’s does some fantastic classes I am stunned and amazed and the number of classes they offer. The offer both Knitting and Crochet from beginning to advanced and everything in between, you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a class  to join run over to their website and check it out. They have a wide variety to chose from. Class schedule.

Anyway… all and all I just wanted to stay and sit. I got a wonderful new yarn. And fouknotty_knitter_pattern_photos_023_mediumnd a great new LYS I was given a free pattern on my way out for a cute headband that I am totally going to make.  Also the owner Kamille I got to meet her just as I was leaving and she is a lovely woman she has a great blog called The Knotty Knitters where you can buy all her patterns. I am totally going to buy the Skull Cap and do that pattern for my kids for Christmas.

Now onto the yarn I bought, when I saw it I absolutely fell in love with it and had to have it for my own. You know when that happens. You have know idea what you are going to do with it. When I saw it I thought well maybe I’ll do I hat and some mitts but when I started to think about it I thought maybe not. What do you think?

IMG_0708It’s the Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash Hand Dyed, 100% Superwas fine Merion wool 218 yards –  100 grams, colorway: 108 lipstick.

I just love the colorway name. It’s so soft and squishy I just know it’s going to knit up something wonderful. I took the last two skeins in this color they had there. And can’t wait for some inspiration to spark to knit it up.

Like I said I thought hat and some mitts at first but now I just don’t know.

Send some good inspiration my way and let me know what you think it would look good as.

As for cost I paid $22.95 plus tax, and when I went online, it was comparable to Jimmy Bean, and Noble Knits, which were both around the $20 mark but you pay S&H so when that is done it would have been the same cost plus the wait to get it. Now Love Knitting and didn’t even carry this colorway. (Just an FYI, because people always ask)

So all in all I think this was a fantastic afternoon stop, and I will definitely be a regular there.



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