What’s On My Needles This Week June 27th

So this week I am working on 5 different projects… I shouldn’t be working on so many. I need to finish a bunch of stuff this week and pare it down. You’ll notice in my finished section I have a big fat zero its because I have to many things I’m working on. Sad day ūüė¶

Any way… drum roll please.

On The Needles…IMG_0705

My Pradera Wrap¬†it is turning out so lovely and soft. I can’t wait for it to be finished. I am just about to the last 42 to rows. I am using a size #10 circular needles with a 32in cord, anything longer would make it almost impossible to contain, but anything shorter would be too¬†short.¬†This is a super easy pattern and I highly recommend it. I really really want to do it in the blue color schema next.

It has taken me just over 10 days to get this far and I will be finished before next week and I can’t wait to review it for you. Like I said I am loving it so far.

IMG_0706My Escalating del Dragon Cowl I love the way this looks. I am not using the yarn it recommends in the pattern. I am using a Plymouth Yarn Kudo not sure of the colorway sorry. But  I only have about 1 inch of this cast on, but I am excited with how it looks. Maybe by next week I will have more of it and a better idea of the colorway of the yarn for you. If anyone knows of the colorway of the yarn please post it in the comments I would love to know.


My beautiful purple fingerless gloves. No link. Just something quick that I wanted thrown together for work. My office gets so freaken cold and I needed these so my hands could stay warm. I knitted some red fingerless gloves earlier in the month but even though they are great they are a little to bulky so I got this wonderful yarn at my LYS and they are turning out so great.

IMG_0703 (1)

Socks #1, I have two different socks that I am working on same pattern: Vanilla Latte Socks, this is a easy pattern but I have never worked it before so the jury is still out on whether or not I like it. But I wanted to try it on a couple of different yarns. So I am working it with a self stripping yarn with my first set of socks. I really like the pattern on this Cascade Heritage print not sure who these will be for me or if I will give them away will see how they turn out before I decide what to do with them. So for I am liking the pattern and the look of the socks. I am using a #1 size needling and knitting in the round.

Socks #2, Again this is the pattern: Vanilla Latte Socks, but in the Trekking¬†XXIMG_0704L I love this yarn because it’s a beautiful gray with pops of pink. For these I am also using a #1 size needle and knitting in the round. Seriously can’t wait to see how they turn out.

So that is what I have on my needles for this week. A lot of things going on. But I like I mentioned I only have a little bit of the Pradera Wrap to go, and the fingerless gloves shouldn’t take up that much more of my time. As for the socks not sure about those I might be able to finish one of those as well this week.


What I have finished this week…

Nada…kneel… zilch… so I was really busy this last week working on my Pradera Wrap and that is pretty much all I worked on. And when I say busy working on it — what I really mean is I was obsessed with working on it. I’m sure you can all related, you get a new pattern and new yarn and you can’t see the forest for the trees.. or in my case I couldn’t see any other projects because this wrap had to be finished.

So now that it’s almost finished I hope to have more to report for next week.

Any new and noteworthy News…


I’m loving some new project bags I’m having made and I can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned for a little share coming soon.

I’m not reading and watching anything exciting so nothing to share on that front. Just working the day job and writing up a storm. I’ll keep you posted on anything new happening.

Hugs all around. — Losa



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