Ravelry Stalker


Are you a Ravelry Stalker? I think I might be a Ravelry Stalker… Is there a 12 step program? A group I can join… Crap I just went to Raverly groups to check if there were groups for Ravelry stalkers… I might have a problem.

But the ideas you get, the inspiration, the way it fuels my addiction… I mean my imagination… my need to fill my stash of yarn and needles and projects I’ll never in this life or the next be able to finish. Why is this giving me a panic attack. Please excuse me while I go breath into a paper bag.

In comparison to others on Ravelry and to justify my panic I have to admit my profile is rather tiny compared to most because I haven’t posted all my projects I’m to busy stalking others, and starting and stopping and starting projects because I see things and just see so many awesome things there I want to try EVERYTHING! So I have coined a phrase and I think it is perfect I have Ravelry OCD, I go on there and it’s like oh look a scarf… oh look a sweater, oh look socks, oh look a hat, oh look an afghan, then I’m off to buy yarn, and the good lord only knows what else to start another project I don’t have time to do because Ravelry OCD bit me in the ass again.

Here is a perfect example: (as a side note?!?! I don’t even crochet!! But this is freaken 4730175331_09dfb26c34_mediumCUTE) So as I write this blog piece I have Ravelry Radar going on on my opposite screen and what should pop up? This totally awesome soccer ball! I would totally do this with spare yarn. Do I have time for this? No, do I need to stop and take the time for it? No, but Ravelry OCD is my master and I can’t say no, I must bow to it and stop everything I am doing to look at it and wonder how to make it for my own.

Do you suffer from Ravelry OCD, or another website/magazine/book OCD that just makes you stop and give in? Share your story in the comments, I need to know I am not alone. God above I hope I am not alone.

Hugs all around, Losa



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